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Discretion is Important

Security is Paramount to Your Success

We provide a wide variety of consulting services to our clients ranging from Information Technology and Technical Security Strategic Development, to Data Breach Coaching, Advice and Assistance; prior to, in-progress and post data breach activities. Additionally we are able to assist in Vetting your potential partners, investors, clients, and potential employees, particularly your core staff, which will be the heartbeat of your organization.


Our Core Clients represent a wide variety of private private sector, local, city and state government. Our clients might need anything from a broad spectrum of assistance from something as simple as Security Policy and Procedures development, to something as complex as Triaging a Data Breach and the Third Order Effects associated with what their response needs to be to their employees, their shareholders, their clients, to the press and public, if needed. The last thing you want to do is give the "Keys to the Kingdom" to the Insider Threat!


I'll help you protect your company you've worked so hard to build!

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