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Our Cornerstone is our professional security services practice where we serve as "Another Set of Eyes" for your internal or outsourced IT Staff which allows them to maintain focus on your day-to-day operations, while we focus on seamless security as well as improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT operations supporting your business to handle today’s rapidly growing security risks, both internal and external. Whether considering IT Professional Services, Software Development, or other technical services, "Security" must be assessed, planned and implemented from the bottom-up. 

Executing a consistently methodical, intelligence community-proven approach to meticulously assess your critical infrastructure “requirements” through a full-scope evaluation process which assesses not only your physical, technical and personal operating requirements, but also takes into consideration your surrounding environment that which you may or may not be able to inspect or control. Those components, combined with your corporate culture help you define your essential elements of friendly information (EEFI) - or your “Crown Jewels.” What are those elements of your EEFI, that if an adversary were to control, would give them a competitive edge in your industry or could inflict harm to your organization, your employees or surrounding community?

Our Assessment Approach:

We work directly with your entire technology development team, integrators, and leadership team in a technical security, advisory capacity to perform a professional evaluation of your network technologies both at the core and the edge. While your current solution may be somewhat fluid and flexible, we incorporate disciplined security advice and assistance (A&A) with industry best practices from our collective experience supporting the US Intelligence Community, government design, public and private industry implementations. We provide hands-on, direct support to your staff, both on-site and remotely, working with your respective IT staff, when necessary.  

We take extreme pride in our industry reputation & expertise and have built a vertical purely around security, secure operations, and integrity in our work. We are responsible stewards of your finances and keep in constant communications with your designated representatives, responding to requests for information and updates in a timely manner.


The Insider Threat is a complex challenge for any organization! Not only the malicious Insider or disgruntled employee, you must also consider the "Unintentional" Insider who might unwittingly introduce vulnerabilities to a company simply through an embedded link in an email, an attachment, or simply by visiting the wrong web site. Proactive Security Solutions are paramount to the success of your organization. We serve as "Another Set of Eyes" for your internal or outsourced IT Staff through our Network Assessments. Let's face it... it takes a lot of effort and dedication to keep the email and data flowing seamlessly. Penetration Testing and Passive Network Assessments identify your vulnerabilities, providing practical resources to minimize risk.


Tony Rucci has dedicated more than 40 years of his career in counterintelligence and security experience protecting organizations just like yours!


As a retired Counterintelligence Special Agent and US Army Warrant Officer, with a core emphasis on computer crimes investigations and proactive security countermeasures, his career spans throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community, traditional government, two White House Administrations, and 20+ years in private industry.

Helping companies at all levels of industry, such as State Agencies, Counties, Cities, Sheriff's Offices, Polices Departments, Fire Districts, Hospitals and businesses at all levels.


Ransomware is a game-changing event for any organization and it's not going away anytime soon. Ransomware surpassed many expectations of impact across every industry sector. Irrespective of how much you invest in your IT Security Strategy... at some point, your company or one of your business partners will fall victim to this "Significant Emotional Event".


Those who survive and successfully ride through the storm are those who've invested wisely in resilient backup and recovery strategies and have built confidence in their Incident Response Teams through Table Top Exercises. Are You Ready? I can help and be a resource for you and your IT Team prepare for that day when it's Your Turn.

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