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My Reflections of InnoTechOKC 2015

Had another Wonderful experiance at @InnoTechOKC in Oklahoma City from 2-4 NOV 2015. Here's the Link to the event if you're interested in seeing all the talks and speakers:

Root 66 ran in conjunction with the InnoTechOKC event again this year, as did the Thunder Plains Developer Conference. Three Events Rolled into One Space at the Cox Convention Center and Sean & Andrea Lowery, along with their support staff, did a fantastic job in pulling things together and I want to thank them for sponsoring my trip to OKC again this year. BONUS for NO HICCUUPs this year with my travels! LOL! (Last Year, I was stranded in overnight in Denver on my return flight when my DEN-RNO flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues and the airline put me up in the "Sticky-Carpet Inn" GAK!!! (I'm updating this blog entry from the Admiral's Club Loounge in DFW so I'm ALMOST home... but not Scott Free just yet!)

Special Thanks to Casey Bourbonnais and Jayson Street for picking me up @ the airport upon arrival & Taking good care of me while in OKC again this year! I Love You Guys and Y'all Rock!!! Thanks for the WONDERFUL Dinner Atop the Devon Energy Tower at the Vast Restaurant (46 Floors Above OKC)! I always enjoy great company and conversation and this was certainly no exception Casey!

Leah Lewis is the Managing Director of Cisco’s Public Sector Consulting Services, and provided the Opening Keynote for the event and did a pretty good job with her talk on Cisco's take on the "Internet of Everything". She covered multiple facets of "Things" under the IoE from Cisco's perspective, one of which is the Internet of Things, but had some techincal difficulties with her slide deck and it's color pallette not meshing very well with the projectors they were using so some of her message was lost in the translation unfortunately.

I was invited to present two talks this year:

"Interoperability Dependencies in the Internet of Things....or.... Breaking Shit in the Internet of Things"

It was a FUN talk and focused on our heavy reliance on technology and things we may be overlooking as we travel through the IoT evolution, failing to consider Third-Order-Effects as we move to rapidly deploy to the IoT. Link to my First Talk <-------

"September 11, 2001; Just Another Day @ The Office"

In this presentation, I shared insight on my role as the Counterintelligence Operations Officer at The White House during the attacks of September 11, 2001. Detailed to the First Lady, I discussed what played out behind the scenes during that fateful day in history, sharing insightful perspectives on what was happening in and around the most famous address in the United States, the safe house where I relocated with the First Lady, and some of the activities that didn’t necessarily make the “9/11 Report.”

BOTH talks were to a completely full room which was pretty exciting and meant a LOT to me as a speaker! Several attendees approached me before my first talk and thanked me for my talk LAST year and for coming back again, as they enjoyed my speaking style. Makes one feel pretty good about being out on the road doing this all the more! The 9/11 talk in particular was slam-packed full and several were turned away unfortunately due to fire marshall room capacity concerns! (HINT HINT!!! GIMMIE A BIGGER ROOM NEXT YEAR SEAN!)

Sean Lowery, Conference Coordinator for the InnoTech Conferences reached out to me after my second talk and asked me if I'd be interested in presenting at their InnoTech Dallas event in April 2016, so I may be out there in April as long as it doesn't conflict with my commitment to InfoSec World 2016 down in Walt Disney World @ Orlando, FL where I'll be presenting my Insider Threats, Full-Day Training Workshop.

Lastly, Out of Respect for one of our "Fallen Warriors", I dedicated my talks at this event to MSG Joshua L. Wheeler who hails from Muldrow, Oklahoma and who made the ultimate sacrifice on 22 OCT 2015 while engaging the enemy while executing a raid which freed 70 hostages in Iraq. RIP Warrior! BRAVO ZULU!

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