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CISCO AND OKTA Offering FREE Remote Support Tools To Support Remote Work as a Result of COVID-19

I hope that you and your team are riding through this storm well and without critical issues.

In the event that you haven’t seen these, I wanted to pass along a few helpful links that you might find valuable to your IT Teams, Internal Staff and even Business Partners during this time when several companies are working through growing pains of remote work and support.

Cisco and Okta are but two of the many companies out there providing unique support services to companies for FREE, or extended FREE TRIAL PERIODS during this unprecedented time for so many companies to send employees home and operate remotely.

If you find any value in forwarding these along to any of your members or industry colleagues, please feel free to do so at will.

I Wish You and Your Teams All the Best, and Successful Weathering of This Unprecedented Event in Our History,

All the Best,


Antonio A. (Tony) Rucci

Independent CyberSecurity Consultant

“Data Breaches Will Happen, How You Respond Defines Your Company”

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