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Balancing Privacy and Protection

You’re invited!

Join our upcoming online presentation to understand and explore the legal aspects of implementing an insider threat program, including the application of employee monitoring and complying with security mandates. Learn how to protect your corporate assets while respecting the privacy of your employees.

Featuring Leading Insider Threat Prosecutor; Shawn M. Thompson, J.D.

Thursday, April 7th @ 1:30pm ET

After this webinar you will have a clear understanding of:

  • Employee monitoring rules – who, what, when, where, how and why

  • Employee privacy rights

  • Lawful employee screening procedures

  • Employee investigation rules

About Presenter Shawn M. Thompson, J.D.

Over 15 years’ experience investigating, prosecuting, and managing insider threats.

  • Founder and President, Insider Threat Management Group

  • Board Member, National Insider Threat Special Interest Group

  • Vice President, Enterprise Security Risk Management, InfoTeK Corporation

  • Insider Threat Program Manager, Department of Defense

  • Chairman, Intelligence Community Insider Threat Mission Group

  • Senior Advisor, National Insider Threat Task Force

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