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Tony Rucci Presenting @ The Insider Threat Summit in March 2016.

As a Career Insider Threats Professional, I'm pretty excited to be presenting at the 2016 Insider Threat Summit (LINK) at the Hyatt Regency Convention Center in Monterey, California. Still nailing down the specific talk I'll be presenting but think we are close to agreement on either a few Case Studies of Recent Events as well as updates on a couple of cases that played out just as I was leaving the White House back in 2004, titled: “Insiders and the Havoc They Wreak”; or possibly a Cradle-to-Grave Lecture (Mini-Workshop) on Vetting Potential Employees and protecting your organization, I've titled: “Investigating the Insider Threat… an Unimaginable Task… Until You’re Faced With It”.

The Insider Threat Summit is a Boutique Security Summit that is intentionally limited to a smaller number of attendees to allow the added value to true networking and meaningful discussions over a relatively short period of two days. It's hosted in the Beautiful Hyatt Regency right in Monterey... and if you've never been to Monterey, you have NO IDEA of what you are missing. You'll have to get ahead of the crowd and sig up EARLY though, or you'll likely be turned away, like so many were last year!. #insiderthreatsummit #InsiderThreats @InsiderThreats

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