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"The ISIS Challenge" Lawyers, Guns & Money (Links to Parts I & II Posted)

Was down in the studio taping TWO more episodes of "Lawyers, Guns & Money" today hosted by David Houston. This is a Two-Part Show Titled "The ISIS Challenge", where Dr. Dick Hobbs (COL, Retired), Steve Metcalf (COL Retired), and I discussed the current state of the challenges we are facing with ISIS, our presence as a "world leader", or lack-thereof if you will, where this war is at, where we are going, and what we might be able to do about it on a number of fronts... how ISIS is leveraging technology, and what impact it is having on our ability to take the fight to them above ground, and the preverbal "Underground". It felt like it was probably one of the best discussions we've had since I've been doing the LG&M Shows, so please tune in and watch on upcoming Sundays: 13 & 20 December @ 3:30 PM PST on KRNV Channel 4 in Reno, NV. (Lead In Show to Sunday Night Prime Time Football) The Studio will drop the episodes to their YouTube Channel once they air on TV. Thanks to Karen Korcheck and Frank for always taking Good Care of us in the studio!

Here are YouTube Links to both Episodes of the "Isis Challenge":

Stay Safe Out There!


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