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Antonio A. Rucci now Presenting Day 2 Keynote Address to the 2016 Insider Threat Summit

Y'all might remember that I announced back in November that I would be presenting at the 2016 Insider Threat Summit in Monterey, CA in March... Well late last week, the Conference Host asked me to present the Day 2 Keynote Address! Pretty Exciting News by itself, then I learned that the invited Keynote Speaker for Day 1 is Leon Panetta, Former Director of CIA, and SecDef.

As a Career Insider Threats Professional, I'm pretty excited to be Keynoting the 2016 Insider Threat Summit at the Hyatt Regency Convention Center in Monterey, California.

The Insider Threat Summit is a Boutique Security Summit that is intentionally limited to a smaller number of attendees to allow the added value to true networking and meaningful discussions over a relatively short period of two days. This year, they are inviting and allowing all active duty, National Guard and Reserve Military Members FREE, FULL ACCESS Passes to the Event! ...and if I'm not mistaken, Government employees as well. #insiderthreatsummit #InsiderThreats

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