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Why Insider Threat is a C-Level Priority

Advice from former CTO and Chief Scientist of McAfee, Dr. Eric Cole

"Sometimes the best advice comes from the least expected places. I’m probably the last person on earth you’d expect to encourage making insider threat a C-level priority after devoting a decade of my career to external threat and endpoint security, as the CTO and Chief Scientist of McAfee.

The realization that I’ve had is we’re too focused on controlling external attack vectors. What I’ve heard from hundreds of leading security executives is that nearly all of their security incidents come from the inside. This has been my impetus for advising companies to build insider threat programs and early adopters are seeing real value and immediate results; fewer security incidents."

Join Dr. Eric Cole for this webinar where he will share the “secrets” behind a successful insider threat program.

Date: Thursday, February 25th

Time: 1:30pm EST

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